24/7 Towing & Roadside Assistance in Portland

Towing and Roadside Assistance Portland
Portland is the largest city in Oregon and dwarfs the second largest city by nearly 400%. That growth has spurred the local economy and drastically increased the number of vehicles on the road. This has made it even more important to have the number of a trusted local towing and roadside assistance company on hand.

Taking trips with the kids to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry can quickly go south if something goes wrong. A flat tire, running out of gas, or a fender bender can all leave you stranded. That’s why we serve the entire metro area.

We’re there when you need us most.

Our service vehicles are equipped and prepared. We cover the entirety of Portland from the scenic Grotto to the stunning Pittock Mansion that overlooks the city. Wherever you are, whatever you drive, we’ll be there ready to provide aid when you need it. Don’t get stuck. Help is just around the bend, and it only takes a call to Elite Towing and Recovery; your local towing experts.



Towing and Roadside Services Include: